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Here in this page I am going share my experiences with you. I will mention few tools that I have used and feel good.

Domain & Hosting:

  • Domain: It is a unique name of your website for example It is regulated by ICANN. It doesn’t matter actually, which domain provider you choose. All providers are acting as reseller of domain including Godaddy, Namecheap and so on. You need to consider only if your domain provider is giving you full access in DNS management tools or not? Sometimes you may need to transfer your domain to other providers/registrars, so try to make sure you have access or permission to do so whenever you wish to do so.
  • Web Hosting: Hosting is the web space where your website data will be stored in. Hosting can be many different types, for example, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud hosting and so on. Web hosting choice depends on your requirements of space, technology behind your website, number of visitors you may want to handle, web page loading speeds & other performances. I recommend you to choose linux cPanel hosting, it is relatively cheaper, very easy to manage and performance also good. From my experience, Bluehost may be a good choice. Siteground for WordPress managed hosting is also highly recommended for WordPress based websites.

Content Management System:

If you are not familiar with website building technology like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript then you may get fear of managing & maintaining a website by yourself. Fortunately there are some CMS available for you, those can help you to easily manage & maintain your website without having any technical knowledge.

There are many CMS options available like WordPress, Zoomla, Drupal, Blogger etc. I strongly recommend you to choose WordPress as your easy to use content management system. About more than 50% CMS based website are built & managed based in WordPress now a days.

Goodnews is, WordPress is free & opensource, so you can install & start using it without any hesitation. Almost all cPanel hosting gives you opportunity to install it using WordPress manager or Softaculas installer program. There are huge number of free themes and plugins available that you can use to make your website live.

You have also options to use paid theme & plugins that my be good to develop a good looking & mobile responsive website. You can visit themeforest where you will find largest collection of themes and plugins. Themeforest authors provide premium & friendly services. They also provide very sound documentation that may help you to install & configure your website easily.

Keyword Research Tools:

Whatever word or phrases we use while searching using any search engine like Google is called keywords. Keywords are known as seeds, if seeds are good then it may grow as a big tree in future you know. Exactly like that if you can choose better search volume with low competition keywords then your niche site have chance to make a good amount of profit. Many niche website starter fails to choose a profitable niche, then they work hard & expend a good amount of money for generating visitors and profit. Unfortunately after a certain period they can realise that their keywords choosing was not perferct & that is why they are not getting expected results.

I strongly recommend you to take a deep breath & allocate adequate amount of time & effort behind keyword research. You can start with Google Keyword Planner Tools & Google Trends where you will get authentic data about search volume, search trends & geographical information etc. These free tools are really great for beginers. Besides there are some premium tools that may provide you more detail information to evaluate & measure competitors current position, strengths, weakness & take correct decision. I personally use two different tool, keyword revealer & of course ahref. These two tools help me a lot to reduce my research time without sacrificing quality. If you want to use only one tool then you can start using ahref, it provides one-stop solution like keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracker, content explorer services.